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ShadowCrypt is a free online pentesting tool provided by Shadow Networks. To keep this tools running smoothly without service interruption, we have some terms of usage of our service. Users of our service must follow our terms and do not go against it to avoid getting banned from our website.

What is DDoS and How does it affect your business?

DDoS is a type of cyber attack launched by a hacker to make its victim go down. DDoS machine contains of thousands of infected computers that unite all together to participate in a single DDoS attack.
DoS - Denial Of Service Attack This means that one computer and one internet connection is used to flood a server with packets (TCP / UDP). The point of such a denial of service attack is to overload the targeted server's bandwidth and other resources. This will make the server inaccessible to others, thereby blocking the website or whatever else is hosted there. Such attacks are called DoS attack. DDoS -Distributed Denial of Service Attack In most respects it is similar to a DoS attack but the results are much, much different. Instead of one computer and one internet connection the DDoS attack utilises many computers and many connections. The computers behind such an attack are often distributed around the whole world and will be part of what is known as a botnet. The main difference between a DDoS attack vs a DoS attack, therefore, is that the target server will be overload by hundreds or even thousands of requests in the case of the former as opposed to just one attacker in the case of the latter. So which one is powerful? As we can see, DoS is a term through which packets are sent from one computer or a connection meanwhile DDoS mean Distributed Denial of Service attack. "Distributed" itself defines that the attack's responsibility is given to many computers or connections to take down the target.

Many websites that are hosted on Cloudflare gets resolved easily by available online Cloudflare resolverwhich can cause the origin IP to be disclosed to the hacker.
Hiring a ShadowCrypt agent will let your website fully configured against DDoS attacks and fully configure it for better website performances. With an one time affordable price, you can get your website protected against future attacks that may cost you a loss of hundreds of dollar!

If you hire our agent, he/she will fix your cloudflare DNS setting and make it unresolvable by filthy online tools that helps the hackers to gain the origin IP address of your website.

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